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The Vision

IPHU is committed to providing training opportunities for health activists who are working for a healthy, fair, convivial and sustainable world; in particular for health activists in Third World countries. IPHU is particularly committed to strengthening the people's health movement as an organisation (the PHM) and as a network of organisations and activists.

IPHU is committed to supporting research into the pathways to better health; including health system development and addressing the structural determinant of health. IPHU sees primary health care as a critical strategy for improving health care, addressing the social determinants; in partnership with the communities whose health is at stake.

IPHU will be conducting teaching and research, particularly in Third World countries in relation to PHC, health systems strengthening and the political and economic determinants of health at the national, regional and global levels.

The IPHU will work in partnership with local universities and popular health movements to provide short courses and other opportunities and resources in many different locations in many different countries. We will develop a range of resources through which health activists can learn, share, research and reflect upon the challenges of ‘health for all’.

For students of the IPHU who want their studies to count towards accredited qualifications we will provide documentation for accreditation of our courses and programs in students' 'home universities'.

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