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Bangkok, Thailand (6-11 December 2022)


The Equitable Health Systems Thematic Circle of People's Health Movement (PHM) along with PHM South Asia and PHM South East Asia Pacific Region with Community Partners International (CPI) as a co-organizer has organized an IPHU course on "Action for Equitable Health Systems- Advancing comprehensive primary health care in pandemic times”. The course was implemented in Bangkok, Thailand during the period 6-11 December 2022. The course was planned to build a better understanding among health activists of why health and healthcare are an entitlement of all human beings, how this can be realized, and current best practices in this area. The course would also build skills for activists to analyze where they are on the road map and mobilize people as well as advocate with the government for an accelerated push towards Health For All.

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Faculty (without profile)
Tasnim Azim
Tom Traill
Dhananjay Kakade
Chrek Sophea
Lauren Paremoer
Chalermsak Kittitrakul (Jockey)
Manuj Chrishantha Weerasinghe