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Bangalore, India: The Struggle for Health (1-9 Sept 09)


Tue, 09/01/2009 to Wed, 09/09/2009

IPHU Announcement IPHU in association with Jan Swasthya Abhiyan (JSA)Community Health Cell (SOCHARA), Bangalore, and Prayas, Chittorgarh are pleased to announce a one week training course on Health and Equity, to be held in Bangalore, India from September 1-9, 2009.



Applications are now closed ­Notification of outcome of applications: end June 2009 All the applicants will be advised with regard to their status of the application. Inquiries to


The course will be held at:

  • National Tuberculosis Institute (NTI)
  • Directorate General of Health Services
  • Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt of India
  • #8, Bellary Road, Bangalore- 560 003

Phone: 91 80 23441192/3, Fax: 91 80 23440952 Email - Website:


The language of the course will be English

About IPHU

IPHU short courses enable younger health activists to make new connections, share experiences and study together. They aim to strengthen the global network of people’s health activists.

The Bangalore course is planned for:

Young health activists and practitioners working on the issues of health, gender, human rights and involved in the activities of People’s Health Movement. Applicants should have a university degree (or comparable experience) and fluency in English. Priority, with respect to enrolment, will be given to:

  • - younger people motivated to get involved in People’s Health Movement (PHM)
  • - primary health care and public health practitioners
  • - people with a track record as health activists within the PHM, in particular, people who have been actively involved in organizations which are part of the PHM

A total of 50 participants is expected. The enrolment policy aims to achieve:

  • - geographical mix
  • - gender balance
  • - diversity of involvements: community based organizations, NGOs, universities, government officials, etc; and

- diversity of skills, interests, experience and educational backgrounds.

The Bangalore IPHU will address all of the standard' objectives of other IPHU courses with a focus on health and equity.

See also The IPHU approach to learning.

Faculty and resource people

Faculty members will include activist academics (both national and international) and experienced practitioners.

The international IPHU Course Coordinator is Prof. David Legge (dlegge[at]

The IPHU-Bangalore Course Coordinator is Mr. E. Premdas and the Co-Facilitiator is Dr. Ruth Vivek (Community Health Cell, Bangalore). Contact:

For further inquiries please contact the IPHU-Bangalore Organizing Team through the following email address:


Registration fees, which are mandatory, are Rs 1500 for Indian citizens and USD 30 for non-Indian citizens.

There is no charge for tuition.

Scholarships for accommodation are available and in a limited number of cases scholarship support for travel may be available. The application for scholarship support is included on the application form for participation.


Participants should come prepared:

Prospective students should visit the IPHU website and review all of the pages linked from the Library Page (which form the core of the material for formal presentation and discussion). Students should come prepared to comment on the implications for their own countries of the material covered in the different topics. For example:

The program for all of the IPHU Short Courses is based on the People's Charter for Health (PCH). We will explore the meaning of the PCH; analyse the challenges it presents and develop resources and strategies for the struggle for Health For All. Participants should ensure that they are very familar with the Charter. Try the PCH Quiz as a way of working systematically through the PCH and reflecting upon what we need to know in order to realise the vision.


The courses involve: lectures, small group discussions, debates, workshops and field trips and follow up study. Resource materials will take the form of hard copy readings, lecture notes and websites. More detail regarding the activities which comprise the IPHU course

Academic accreditation

IPHU short course participants who are enrolled in an MPH and request accreditation of their training as part of their MPH will be required to submit assignments for assessment and will be provided with formal certification regarding the standard of the program and of their achievement. More details.

More information

For more information and inquiries, write to

    • to describe in some detail an activist project or campaign or movement that they have been directly involved in; to describe in sufficient detail for the strategies, theories and skills of practice to be evident; and
    • to provide an overall assessment of the health challenges in their country or state and the status and prospects for PHM.
    • what is the extent of brain drain and what is being done about it?
    • what is the role of the WB and IMF in health sector reform?
    • what are the implications of the WTO (eg GATS)?
    • what are the dynamics of the global economic crisis and what are the implications for health?
    • what is the role of the GFATM in own country/state; access to medicines?