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Access to Medicines - Cape Town IPHU Nov 2019


The purpose of this page is to provide access to resources developed for or during the Cape Town IPHU. See below.

Course Schedule

Program overview here

Daily details here.


See list of general readings here. Priorities are indicated.

See list of readings on access to medicines here. Priorities are suggested here and in some cases on the daily details page.

Scenario briefings


Project work, from Days 4-8, will be structured around a series of Scenario Briefs.

Scenario Brief: ARIPO.

Scenario Brief: Counterfeit.

Scenario Brief: LDC.

Scenario Brief: Regulation.

Scenario Brief: TB in Egypt.


Health Systems (T. Sundararaman)

Social Determination of Health

Movement building: Report of PHM activism research (David Legge).

Universal Health CoverUP (David Legge).

UHC: A Background Note (David Legge).

IP, Trade and Access Glossary, Abridged (Brook Baker and Yousuf Vawda)

African Medicines Agency (Linda Shuro)

Global and Regional Governance of IP (Yousuf Vawda)

IP, Trade and Access (Yousuf Vawda)

Substandard, Falsified and Counterfeit (Yousfu Vawda)

Drug Access Apartheid (Salomé Meyer)

Drug Access Apartheid - Presentation Text (Salomé Meyer)

TB R&D funding trends 2005-2017 (Marcus Low, TAC)

Anti-Counterfeiting Initiatives (Gopa)

IP Enforcement (Gopa)

Local Production (Gopa)

Biologics: a story of regulatory barriers (Gargeya)

R&D and manufacture (Gargeya)

Regulation and access to medicines (Gargeya)

Famous episodes

Fighting for the LDCs by Alice Ineza

Universities Allied for Essential Medicines by Luciana de Melo Nunes Lopes

Drug access Apartheid by Salomé Meyer

Malaysia’s Experience towards Access to Hepatitis C Treatment (Sofosbuvir – Compulsory License) by Tilak Ramanaidu

India'a Gleevec and Novartis case by Prathibha Sivasubramanian

Useful links

African Union Model Law Medical Products Regulation

Drahos and Braithwaite (2004) Who owns the knowledge economy? Political organizing behind TRIPS.

Malebona Precious Matsoso video on Section 27 website

Practical matters

Social events. Evening social events are an important part of the IPHU experience (cultural events, films, etc). These are entirely participant organised.We need a social events team.

Documentation. A disparate range of resources are produced during the IPHU (including precious photographs). We need a documentation collective to collects these so that they can be made available to everyone during and after the course.

Social media. We use social media to communicate among ourselves and with the outside communities watching this IPHU. The social media group takes the lead in making this happen.


IPHU courses are carefully evaluated as part of learning how to do it better (more on evaluation here). Nightly Program Committee meetings (open to everyone) and the Smiley reports are key mechanisms for in-course evaluation (here). We need a Smiley Committee to ensure that we have a new smiley template for each day.

All participants are requested to complete the online course evaluation. Watch this space.