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Bhopal, India: IPHU Leadership Workshop (23-24 Mar 07)


Fri, 03/23/2007 to Sat, 03/24/2007

PHM IPHU Leadership Workshop, Bhopal, 23-24 March 2007 A two day workshop presented by PHM Global, in association with PHM India and IPHU, for selected PHM activists from India and around the world. Objectives After the workshop participants will be:

  • more familiar with the history, development, structures, cultures, campaigns, strategies and processes of PHM in all its various manifestations;
  • inspired to redoubled efforts to build the people's health movement in their own localities, states, countries, regions and globally;
  • enriched by new ideas, new strategies, new skills which can be applied in organising PHM and in developing and implementing campaigns and strategies to achieve the goals of PHM; and
  • more familiar with the knowledge base, experience and analyses which underly the People's Charter for Health.

Workshop venue Pre-reading

  • Alma-Ata Declaration (plus covering note with ‘homework questions’: What is the significance of Alma-Ata? Is it dead? Why has it not been achieved? What is needed to realise the vision of CPHC more widely?) 
  • People's Charter for Health (plus covering note with ‘homework questions’: What are the important bits? What is missing? What are the more difficult bits (to understand, to achieve)? How to implement the vision?) 
  • Mumbai Declaration 
  • Cuenca Declaration
  • GHW
  • NHA papers