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May Haddad

May Haddad MD.MPH is a public health professional, educator, animator, human rights advocate, author, artist, and blogger with extensive international experience in health promotion, community health, human resources development, programming community-based local and regional initiatives, curriculum and materials /resources development, projects/research design and implementation, and participatory evaluation. May has worked in the MENA region, Arctic Quebec, Canada, Cyprus, Egypt, Greece, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, Sudan, Tunisia, and Yemen. Throughout her professional career. May has joined efforts with dozens of international/global, regional and local NGOs, academic institutions, funders, the UN, and networks. Among her work and academic titles: Author, BCC Consultant, Board member, Director, Community Youth Development Evaluation Consultant, Faculty member, Public Health Doctor, Regional Health Coordinator, Regional Projects Coordinator, Reproductive Health Consultant, Senior Associate Member, Team leader, Visiting Scholar etc. May’s work in skills enhancement has directly reached out to thousands of community workers, students and professionals; and some of her numerous publications have been re-printed in tens of thousands copies. She has been influential on social media with tens of thousands views and thousands of followers.